Winter Wedding Real Couple – Meghan & Varun

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The beginning of March 2018 saw Calgary immersed in one of the heaviest snowfalls of the season. Bringing a halt to much of the city, it wouldn’t stop the friends and family of Meghan and Varun from congregating at The Lake House to celebrate their love for one another. 110 guests were invited, and 80 braved the cold to attend their special day on March 2nd, 2018. Snow fall isn’t normally a condition to factor in a typical month of March, but both Meghan and Varun agreed it added a sprinkle of magic to their cozy wedding day.

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Our Spring Menu is in Full Bloom at The Lake House

After what seems like an eternal winter, spring is finally beginning to blossom in Calgary. Overlooking Lake Bonavista, we are seeing signs of the big melt, and are already looking forward to the longer summer days, and having our guests enjoy bites and sips on our outdoor patio. With the warmer weather, we have also welcomed some new dishes to the menu. Both lunch and dinner offerings have been refreshed and are bursting with new flavors and ingredients while maintaining the classic, Rocky Mountain cuisine that The Lake House is so fondly known for in Calgary. Photo : Mushroom Lasagna

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