Spring Wedding Trends at the Lake House

Let’s be honest, many brides start planning their big day well before getting engaged. After all, what else was Pinterest designed for? Who hasn’t filled scrap books, built mood boards, and scoured the web for inspiration on how their dream day could look?

In Calgary, we find that once the question has been popped, the first major decision is which season to hold the wedding – because, of course, the time of year truly makes all the difference, especially when picking the location.

With an abundance of wedding venues in and around the city, the task of transforming a chosen setting into your creative concept can be a hard task to master. Whittling down your vision into a venue can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we are here to help! With years of experience, and an events team with an archive of location transformations, we’d like to share with you our Spring Wedding Trends to help you with your own planning and highlight what our venue has to offer.


The Perfect Backdrop

Taking center stage in the Lake Bonavista Dining Room is an iconic grand fireplace. This statement fixture plays backdrop to countless vows, first kisses and happily ever after’s. The best part? Every couple is welcome to their own unique ideas for decorating and ensuring it’s the perfect fit.

 A beautiful array of colourful seasonal florals by Flowers By Janie.


In search of something a little different? Consider an arrangement of delicate glass candles on the mantlepiece; photo Whitney Cowan.


Warm lit candles with green accents; photo by Deserae Evenson.



On warm, sun-kissed spring day, Lake Bonavista sits as a magical setting for many picture-perfect nuptials. With an early sunset, take advantage of the beautiful colours as the skies adorn dramatic hues. We truly believe this makes an iconic wedding day moment.

Intimate sunset embrace, photo by Whitney Cowan


Golden skies over Lake Bonavista, photo by Abby + Dave



The cutting of the cake is another memorable moment of any wedding day. Like everything else, you need a cake that matches YOU and your creative vision! At the Lake House, we have our very own in-house pastry team that creates some incredible spring inspired masterpieces.

Sweet, fluffy and creamy wedding cakes by our in-house bakery team, photo by Heart & Sparrow.


White wedding cakes with spring accents, photos by Heidrich Photography & Jamie Anholt respectively.



Finally, let’s explore the pièce de résistance when it comes to getting clever with wedding planning! Tablescapes are a wonderful way to express your creativity and let guests enjoy unique and intricate designs. Spring months typically bring lighter, warmer weather, so why not focus on beautiful florals and greenery to compliment it?

Photography by Kim Payant | Wedding Planner Lynn Fletcher | Flowers by Occasional Bloom YYC


Photography by Jamie Anholt | Flowers by Fallforflorals


No matter the theme, date, or size, we take pride in every wedding that takes place at The Lake House. Considering hosting your dream day with us? We would love to chat and turn your vision into a reality.

Happy planning!

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