Opening Soon!


We are opening very soon!

We can’t thank our guests enough for commenting and sharing our news that we are opening soon. Thank you Calgarians for being so supportive of our move from The Ranche restaurant to our new location at Lake Bonavista.

We look forward to  sharing Rocky Mountain Cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere once again. Of course with a new restaurant name and location change, we do have a couple of new items on our menu such as The Lake House Fish Plank. Our Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Board is consistently a fan favourite, so we will be introducing an additional option with a seafood focus. The Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Board will continue to be on the menu and the menu will continue to feature fresh, local and seasonal items.

Much of our team has remained the same, so you can be sure to expect the exact same level of service, food quality and dining atmosphere.

Thank you again. We look forward to seeing you.